Dark Horse -- The Espresso Bar Wonder


Step aside Starbucks! Anyone who’s anyone knows local coffee-shops are the place to go for genuine drinks and feel-good personalization of latte art. With 3 locations allover Toronto, this one article is an example of one’s delightful experience in the ambient café on Spadina!

You sip your mocha. The decadent blend of coffee and chocolate feels like velvet in your mouth. Your surroundings are chic and modern like the ambient music blending with the bubbling conversation. A sound like cascading pearls, pattering like a refreshing spring rain, catches your attention, coffee beans spill from a bag into a grinder, waiting to be brewed into another cup of morning comfort.

This is the Dark Horse Espresso Café on Spadina. Located in Toronto’s famous China town and south of Kensington market, its nestled on the borders of Toronto’s most eclectic and beloved neighbourhoods. Inside the Dark Horse, guests are greeted by the bar, where masterful baristas practice their craft, serving lattes which enrapture the senses. The massive windows are optimal for people watching, while the bare walls, exposing the vintage masonry, insulate you from the elements, allowing you to focus on what makes the Dark Horse so famous, the art of the latte.

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  1. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    I totally agree. Thailand is full of great little coffee shops, after some suggestions from yours truly they serve up wonderful latte at a fraction of the cost of Starbucks and in a much cuter setting. Although thanks to Starbucks for making it popular

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