A Jewel of a Coastline

The Sapphire Coast is named so because of the beautiful colour of the water in the sea lapping against the south-east coastline of Australia. Renowned as a great fishing and boating destination it is also a beautiful spot to just relax and listen to the sound of the waves coming in on the shore.

On the Southeast coast of Australia, just above the Victoria-New South Wales border lays some beautiful coastal townships, many of which have fishing as their primary industry alongside tourism. It’s a lovely spot to relax and take stock of life, away from the rat race and rush of our working lives.

From beautiful shorelines and beaches to peaceful inlets to swim in, there is plenty for those of us who like to get wet. But you can also fish, boat or walk in some of the nearby native forests, appreciating the vast diversity of the native flora and fauna. I was pleased that my Holga captured the mood of this holiday spot perfectly!

written by artpunk on 2011-02-26 #places #location #travel-destination #tathra-coastal-town-seaside-fishing-beach-holiday-swimming-boating

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