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The Black Sea, subtropical vegetation, wild rivers, and peaks of the Caucasus, these are the first things that come to mind when I think about Abhazii. Unfortunately, the seaside, spa, and mountain resorts of this republic are experiencing hard times, but are all still highly recommended tourist attractions.

Abkhazia is located at the south of the Caucasus Mountains, west of the Inguri River and bordering the Black Sea. Protected by mountain ranges, Abkhazia has a subtropical climate, which favors the development of tourism in the area. If you decide to visit Abkhazia – all you need is money and a lot of free time. I like to travel with a backpack, go to the mountains and forests. The first time I visited Abkhazia was in November 2010, as Autumn is my favorite time of year, you can walk on the beach, no crowds, no queues and the coastal towns are always so sad.

Abkhazia has not yet recovered from the war, many houses have been abandoned or maimed by shells. People fled the country in search of new life. But now the situation is starting to develop – road repair and building new homes. For all the architectural devastation – the nature looks perfect with palm trees, shrubs, and flowers – everything is great, there are lots of exotic fruits, tangerine, and abandoned vineyards. My vacation was just for 5 days – so I had time to visit only 4 cities. Here’s a little bit information on each:

Gagra – the warmest and driest place on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, as all sides of Gagra is surrounded by mountain ranges. This is a great place for families with children as the beach is clean and there’s a shady park for perfect for walks.

Sukhumi – the capital of Abkhazia, is the most beautiful and hospitable city in the area. It was badly damaged during the war, and even today, most of the buildings haven’t been repaired so I did not take photos of it. I wanted to only remember the sun and the sea. So I suggest you visit the waterfront, although it is always crowded; men love to play checkers and backgammon on the pier, drink coffee, and talk.

New Athos City – is the spiritual capital of Abkhazia. It is the location of holy places, temples and monasteries. Thousands of Christians annually visit Abkhazia in search of serenity and peace.Very interesting attractions are the resort – the ruins of the ancient capital of the Abkhazian kingdom, guard towers, and a temple side by side with the VIII century, one of the centers of Orthodox Christianity in Abkhazia – Athos Monastery. But let’s not forget about enjoying the natural surroundings in this area; Hills, which is a resort, has solid lemon, orange, tangerine, and olive groves. Cypress Avenue stretches throughout the resort in the coastal area of palm trees, laurels, magnolias, bananas, oleander, and eucalyptus. There are also ponds lined with weeping willows.

Pitsunda – is one of the most famous resorts in Abkhazia, located 20km from Gagra. The name was derived from the Pitsunda Pine, and pine tree in Greek is “pitius”. The resort is situated on the territory of the Pitsundsky reserve on the banks of the beautiful bay.

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