TIFF Bell Lightbox - The Most Happening Place in the World for Cinematic Arts


Got an edge for film and cinema? Then check out the TIFF Bell Lightbox—Toronto’s newest building devoted to the love of creative arts! This eye-candy venue holds exciting events all year long for viewers of all sorts!

Toronto is a city of film. The city has long loved and been loved by movies, acting in hundreds of films under the aliases New York, Chicago, and London, while playing host to dozens of theatres, conventions and film festivals catering to the auteur, mainstream and outright bizarre. Whatever the taste or style, the true home of Toronto’s film scene is at the corner of John and King streets – the Bell Lightbox.

The new home for the Toronto International Film Festival is luminous at street level, evoking its name in an elegant composition of steel, glass and light. The silhouettes of guests flitter and float between the panels, projecting their presence on to the street. In the upstairs lounge, diners leisurely take a meal between shows. The passer-by must stop and wonder, who are all these people? Strangers alone, friends catching up, a couple on a first-date or even movie stars blending in with the crowd? There is a stir and the shadows depart – the movie is starting – leaving those outside with a mystery as intriguing as the flickering images within. Stories are the lives of cities; it’s at the Bell Lightbox they’re told.

So if you’re ever interested in watching movies in a grand theatrical cinema, then take a look at Bell Lightbox’s scheduled shows! It’s a great place for a date with a special other, a place to bring the family in for a screening, and even better for the movie critic in anyone who wants to pop by to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals.

Here’s a tip: If you’re ever in town in September while the Toronto International Film Festival is happening, be alert! You may be walking alongside a Hollywood celebrity or sitting across from them at a nearby restaurant! Oh the excitement!

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    Finally, a location piece with some artistic literal inflection. Bravo!

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