My Heart Belongs To Mondsee


One of the warmest lakes in Austria, so beautiful it was used as a location for The Sound of Music, situated near Salzburg, Mondsee is perfection! I first discovered Mondsee when my friend got a house there. I have now been to visit her three summers in a row so I thought I’d impart my pearls of wisdom:

The Lake

Mondsee Lake is great – it is one of the warmest lakes in Austria which means that it is perfect for swimming. The best point by the lake is Alpenseebad, where you can go crazy on the wave slide, pipe slide, or the diving boards (which are scarily high). Personally, I love to lie on the grass and do some people watching (WARNING: A lot of slightly older Austrian men in Speedos).

Sound Of Music Homeland

I know that everyone says that Salzburg is the epicenter for fans of the film, but I would say that Mondsee has a lot to offer as well (and Salzburg is conveniently close for those wanting to do a Sound of Music Tour). Firstly, there is the beautiful church which was used for the wedding scene, which is worth a visit purely on the grounds of its beauty. Secondly, taking a bike ride around the lake will reveal much familiar scenery, particularly from the section of the film when Maria and the children explore Salzburg and the surrounding areas.

Waterskiing Teletubbies

There are often local water-sport shows on the lake in the evening. They include such delights as waterskiing teletubbies (when I saw it Tinkywinky fell in) and the local celebrity ‘Hot Holiday’ doing stunts. Priceless.

The Town

The town is small but there are some great places to go. Nudelini is a great bar/ restaurant located on the main street where you can get a drink and sit outside in the mild evenings. Sometimes, a lederhosen-clad band will give a free open air concert on the street in the evening which is great as the whole town turns up to watch. Another great place is the rooftop ice-cream parlor in the centre of town.

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  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I'm an Austrian man and I love speedo's. I take great offence.

  2. t0m7
    t0m7 ·

    The Mondsee is great, i go there every summer because of the warm water and the high diving boards!

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