Melt! Music Festival – You Melt My Heart!


The three-day music festival takes place in Ferropolis in Germany every July. The music lover pays roughly 110 Euros and gets free camping, a lovely atmosphere, and lots of music in return. This festival is different due to its size and its very special location which is on a peninsula carrying huge cranes.

Once a year in the middle of July the cranes at Ferropolis, the “city of iron”, are illuminated by colorful lights and serve as the location for an electronic and rock music festival. The atmosphere is special due to the massive cranes surrounding the different stages, the limited number of visitors (20,000 people max.), and the whole setting being surrounded by a lake that invites the festival goer to take a bath when it gets too hot.

The festival officially starts on Friday in the afternoon and ends on Monday in the morning. And no, this festival does not stop the music at 2 in the morning; here you can dance all night long until after the sun has risen. Yes, you can dance at dawn. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot sleep if you decide to go to bed “early”. The campground is a fifteen-minute walk away from the festival site but don’t worry, there are free shuttles from and to the campgrounds all night long. This doesn’t mean that you should not ever choose to walk, on the contrary, the walk from the campgrounds to the festival site is worth it as the view is beautiful (the Gremmin Lake to the left) and you can see the green, pink, red, and yellow lights illuminating the cranes at night.

The cranes; “Illuminated cranes” – yes, that’s easy to say but is it easy to imagine what that would look like? No, it’s not, which is why you can see some pictures of the cranes in the gallery. You can also enter one of the cranes and walk all the way up to the top from where you can see the whole festival site. Inside the crane there are different interesting art projects to be examined.

The music. What kind of music does the festival offer? Some artists like Ellen Allien or Markus Kavka come back every year, there’s a certain guarantee that you can see them in Ferropolis in July. Other bands and musicians who have performed at Melt Festival include the Notwist, Aphex Twin, Röyksopp, GusGus, Kings of Convenience, Booka Shade, Hot Chip, Zoot Woman, Four Tet, Tocotronic, Erlend Oye, Underworld, and Björk. The list of this year’s lineup can be found on the festival’s homepage.

How can you get there? That’s easy. The festival organizers encourage you to travel as “green” as possible, thus would like you to leave your car at home and take the train instead. From the train station in Dessau you can easily take a free shuttle directly to the campgrounds. For other ways to get there, you can again refer to their website.

Enjoy the music and the atmosphere at this festival, it’s different, you’ll see!

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