Meramec Highlands Quarry Dee Koestering Park


There is a rock quarry in Kirkwood Missouri known as Meramec Highlands Quarry Dee Koestering Park. It was a working quarry over 100 years ago. The 9.5 acre site is a nature park with walking trails located at 1703 Marshall Road in Kirkwood Missouri.

The Meramec Highlands cottages and resort as well as ballast for the streetcar track beds were built from the rock quarried from this site.

This quarry is located about one-fourth a mile east of Meramec Station on the St. Louis and San Francisco railroad line (that is now converted into a home). The stone in the upper portion of the face is very flinty and was used as gravel stone. The beds in the lower portion of the quarry were at one time channeled into large blocks. The stone is fossil filled limestone sediment of an ancient ocean bead. There are still many large quarry stones left on the site and a small creek which runs through the park. On my walks through this park I have seen both adult and juvenile blue tail skinks and lots of hummingbirds feeding on wild flowers.
Here is the location on the Meramec Highlands

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