Malaysia Poco Homemade - Lomography and Coffee

My friends always ask me: Heard that you are into photography, are there so many things to shoot? I can only say: Dear friend, the world is a larger place than you can imagine!

I had always wanted to introduce this great coffee place, I had to put it off for awhile as I had just gotten my hands on the LCA+ and was struggling with zone focusing techniques. But Lomography is about “Don’t think, just shoot!”, so shooting at another time will evoke a different feeling, isn’t it? In addition to being a great coffee place, this location is also great for photography.

The location is decorated to give a homey feeling, from the baby blue walls, the wooden tables and chairs, and the many small trinkets that are simple and comfortable.

Friends told me that the shop doesn’t have a fixed dessert menu, it all depends on the boss’ mood. Fortunately, you can ask her about the next day’s menu through her Facebook. Honestly, the hot food is only so-so, the desserts are quite good. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can have a drink to savour the atmosphere. I like the artistic talents of the boss, her hand-drawn maps are my favourties!

Poco Homemade, as the name implies, also sells handmade arts and crafts besides food & beverage. Next to the cashier, one can find some cloth made decors, handbags, key pouches, coin pouches etc. As the items are produced in small quantities, you are unlikely to see your friends carrying the same items. One thing worth mentioning is that the place provides rubber stamps for customers who like to collect chops on their notebooks.

Hmm, let’s have a cup of plain and simple coffee today!

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