The Charm of the Forgotten

I usually carry a notebook to jot down places that I’d like to revisit, I don’t always carry a camera and if I do it, I usually doesn’t have the right film.

That’s why I need to remember the place so I can reinterpret it in my own way later. This printworks is in the Tetuan district. I found it myself by mere chance and thought it would be interesting to shoot it on the 1st of January, 2011. Everything starts from zero, the Phoenix rose from the ashes and so I wanted to get the year off to a good start.

You can find this place on Calle Bardala, perpendicular to Calle Capitan Blanco Argibay.


written by playmiguel on 2011-02-22 #places #location #personal-story #call-bardala
translated by bensozia

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