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All my Lomo experiences to date came from shooting with a Vivitar UWS but that’s about to change now that my lovely girlfriend bought me a Diana Mini. With the rain holding off, I took the opportunity to do two things I’d previously not done; use the Diana and more significantly shoot in my local area – Sherwood.

Quite recently it was my birthday and my lovely girlfriend bought me a Diana Mini white. I’d been waiting for my first opportunity to try it out and today, that day has arrived.

Keeping Lomo methodology (or not) in mind, I didn’t make any special trip with an artistic vision planned. I simply loaded a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 (due to the indifferent British weather) and had a stroll around the area where I live snapping anything and everything that caught my eye.

Sherwood in Nottingham – not to be confused with Sherwood Forest – is not where Robin Hood lives but is a small district just north of Nottingham. It’s big enough to not need to travel into the city for your needs and far enough out of the city to be a nice local place to live in. You can expect to capture some urban, street and candid shots aplenty as well as sampling (either literally or via the camera) the produce on display outside the local shops. There’s also a fair amount of traffic running through the district if that’s your thing and would make for some interesting night-time long exposure shots.

Also towards the border of Sherwood is Woodthorpe which feature a fairly large park and in any season provides many photo opportunities. With open green spaces, trees, flora and buildings there’s enough for anyone’s photographic imaginations to capture. There’s even a butterfly house and an 18-hole pitch and putt course.

Sticking to those Lomo principles, I tried not to think about the shots too much and “simply shoot”. As this was my first experience shooting both in Sherwood and on the Diana Mini I was pleasantly surprised with some of the results, although at one point the sun did make an appearance meaning some of the photos were overexposed (but we don’t worry about those things do we?!)

On the whole, it was a great day and I’m sure there’s still plenty of opportunities to capture some shots in my local area. I’m certainly tempted to break out the Natura 1600 at night at least. So if you’re in Nottingham, do drop by Sherwood. You can give your camera a good workout and enjoy the local eateries and shops while you’re here. Oh I forgot to mention, we also have free car parks. Now you have no excuse!

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    i love Sherwood!

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