JBR Walk: the Place in Dubai to Walk or Be Seen Walking


JBR Walk, the place in Dubai to walk or be seen walking. It’s a must-see place in Dubai where real Dubaians actually live & hang out. Just a few years in Dubai and you can get jaded with the malls and shopping. In our quest to find something new, we always end up at JBR Walk near Dubai Marina. JBR Walk is a shoreline hi-rises adjoining Dubai Marina and faces the Arabian Sea. Along these tall skyscrapers by the beach is the famous JBR Walk.

Credits: pushkar

A place couldn’t be more perfect. It has an amazing lineup of the best restaurants in the city, mixed with a great crowd, surrounded by clean beach – what more could you ask for? But there is more! JBR Walk is always buzzing with activity. Be it open-air screenings of the Dubai International Film Festival or the Dubai Jazz Festival or a weekend market or one odd carnival, there is always something new to do here. Sometimes the Dubai Government hosts various exhibitions in this area. They put up this huge tent where you can know about the proud heritage of Dubai. Its history as a pearl diving village, to a trade hub & its current position in the world as a Megapolis.

Some 10 odd five-star hotel & clubs make sure that you don’t have to repeat a watering hole in months. Enjoy a wine tasting at Sofitel or a beer in Tradevicks or go on for a great time at Frankie’s. The places might be different every time, but your night will always be great. For water sports head down to Hilton H2o which is also close by. Or you can enjoy a sun-downer watching the sun go down.

Credits: pushkar

This location is famous in a lot of Bollywood films and I’ve heard the recent Mission Impossible film was also shot here. The view of the beach from the Atlantis Hotel in the middle of the sea makes for great pictures. The carnival nearby guarantees some great night pics and long exposures – a lot of great crowds make it an ideal location for some upmarket street photography.

Credits: pushkar

After all that walking make sure you cool down with a gelato at Cone Street.


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