Makapu'u Beach Park!

This is my favorite beach of all time – crashing waves, cerulean waters, warm sand, and bright sunshine! Ever since I moved to Oahu, Hawaii, I LOVED going to the beach. I’d been to numerous beaches, splishin’ and splashin’ to my heart’s desire. But when I discovered Makapu’u beach, I thought it was perfect.

Whenever my friends and I choose to hit the beach, we always walk down the sand a way away from the parking lot. Along the way, we usually see people from school, good looking people, and dogs dashing across the beach. No one minds that we take their picture, or a picture of their pet. Maybe it’s the beach, or maybe it’s just the Aloha spirit.

Clear blue skies and glowing sunshine are the constant conditions at Makapu’u. You can always see Rabbit Island from wherever you are on the beach too! During the winter months, the water is raging and pounding. Water flies and sprays everywhere! The shore break can be dangerous and the pull of the water is strong. I’d suggest to stay out of Makapu’u during the winter.

However, the summer months are sublime! The water is cool and refreshing, always blue, and calmer than winter. It really is paradise when you’re at the beach. So if you’re traveling to Hawaii during the summer time, you’ll know where to find me! Bring lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, and lots of friends and hit the beach!

written by natalieerachel on 2011-02-21 #places #location #travel-destination #beach-water-sunny-hawaii-waves

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