Punahou School


Whoever thought that a school could be such a beautiful place that brings hundreds of people together? People ranging from young to old flood the campus of Punahou School for the annual Punahou Carnival!

Every year in early February, the entire Punahou School works together to put together a carnival for everyone who wants to join them. On any other weekend, this place is a typical campus: big trees, huge green lawns, bulky buildings and paved sidewalks. Nothing special. However, the carnival completely transforms the entire school. Rides shoot up everywhere, booths and stands glow in the night, and hundreds of people cover the campus.

On Oahu, we don’t have big roller coasters and amusement parks. So this carnival is the closest thing we have to that. And then of course there is the food! Malasadas; covered in sugar, toasty warm, and oh so fluffy! And you can’t forget the lemonade and soda, perfect for a dry throat after screaaaaming!

But, the greatest thing about this place isn’t really about the rides (their awesome too though!), it’s about the new people you meet and the new memories that you make. I met a whole bunch of new people, and they turned out to be really cool. I got to know them, talk with them, laugh with them, and scream with them. It’s quite liberating, really, haha.

If I had to pick one thing that I didn’t like, it would probably be the waiting. As there are hundreds of people at this event, the wait for some of the more popular rides can be around an hour long. But if you’re like me, the wait is worth the few minutes of exhilaration and the wind whipping at your hair. (;

So if you’re ever on an island during this time of the year, you know where to go! And let me tell you, the night-time feel makes everything THAT much better; vivid photos, exciting people, bright rides, and glowing signs. Young and old are welcome!

written by natalieerachel on 2011-02-21 #places #festival #location #punahou-school-carnival-rides-night-time

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  1. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    I had so much fun at the carnival. mmmmm hot hot malasada!

  2. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Me too, t'was great fun :)

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