Lingueglietta, a Small Ligurian Paradise

The region of Liguria is probably one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Combined with the fact that the French border (and the Côte d’Azur) is really close, Liguria, with its clean waters, friendly people, and gorgeous pizza places is a beautiful place to spend holidays at. Lingueglietta, voted as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is a typical Ligurian village, well-hidden in the Ligurian Hills which smells of rosemary and olive trees.

Lingueglietta is pretty much an insider tip for tourists who come to spend the holidays in Liguria – it takes you a 15-minute car drive to go from the Ligurian coastline to this very village. You’d best start off in San Lorenzo, a town which is right beside the seaside, and then drive up the winding road (don’t worry, there’s not much traffic apart from the regional bus, which honks before it drives around one bend) in order to enjoy the view of the beautiful, old olive trees. When you arrive in Lingueglietta, you should definitely climb up the ruins of the Castle of the Count Lengueglia – the Count Lengueglia used to reign there, but that time has been over for centuries and now there’s not much left of the castle. However, it offers the most stunning view of both the village and the blue sea.

You should then explore the narrow streets of Lingueglietta which are that narrow that you can only go through them by foot. You’ll probably meet lots of beautiful cats relaxing under the sun, you can say “buongiorno” to old people sitting around, playing bingo and there’s a bar with an outside terrace where you can drink tasty coffee creations – a real good espresso only costs 90 cents.

Lingueglietta, since a couple of years, is now officially one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (“I borghi più belli d’Italia”) – so if you’re close to Liguria, you should definitely have a look at this wonderfully small Ligurian paradise.

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