The Toronto Eaton Centre

Everyone goes shopping, whether it be to splurge your most recent paycheck, to take in the latest trends, to do some walking exercise, or just to buy the necessities. Toronto Eaton Centre is the one-stop shop for everything. Seriously.

Even before I moved to Downtown Toronto, the Eaton Centre has always been a main attraction. Now, living downtown with a huge shopping hub just steps away, it’s no wonder I’m never bored! With over 230 retailers, restaurants, and services, you’ll have to spend a whole day here (and probably some more).

Ask anyone in Toronto, and they could probably tell you how to get there. It’s super easy, as the Queen and Dundas subway stations are practically in the mall. The Eaton Centre spans the entire block on the west of Yonge Street, from Dundas to Queen, and is right in the heart of the city. It’s a common tourist destination, staying open on most statutory holidays. Approximately one million customers a week walk though these doors!

Many times a year do I take my study breaks at the Eaton Centre. I mean, how great is that? After spending countless hours reading the same chapter, I get to go buy something to reward myself. A new jacket, some swag boots, it makes up for all of it. Hey, retail therapy works. Don’t judge.

Imagine spending a day here: Start off by checking out some of the shops, Victoria’s Secret, Aritzia, Zara, Harry Rosen, maybe even the Disney Store for your sister’s brother-in-law’s kid nephew’s upcoming birthday. Once you feel the knees weakening and thirst in your throat, sit down for a milkshake at Mr. Greenjeans, or a hearty steak at Baton Rouge. Or you could get something quick and simple from the numerous choices at the food court. After that, stroll around some more and take in the artistic side of the Eaton Centre – just look up at the renowned Canadian artist Michael Snow’s sculpture of Canada geese hanging from the ceiling, entitled Flight Stop. The massive glass roof is pretty swell too, especially on a sunny blue-skied day. Once you’ve had your dose for the day, head home on the TTC subway (or walk if it’s not too chilly outside) and feel accomplished. If not, don’t fret. The Eaton Centre will always be here for your second, third, and fourth round. And fifth.. and sixth. You get where I’m going with this.

For more information see the Toronto Eaton's Center Home Page

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