My Favourite Location Spot: Parque del Capricho


Has it ever happened to you that when you travel abroad you feel that you know the foreign country better than your own? it happened to me last summer when I came back from London and I realized that I know just a few places in my own city.

When I came back from London I was very excited about the idea of joining a new workshop in Madrid, because I really enjoyed the one I took part in London. But I neither had not a lot of money nor time to join a Lomography workshop, so I talked to a friend and we organized an “amateur” workshop.

We took all our cameras and several films and he took me to this beautiful but unknown place. I was so fascinated after the walk that I looked up some information and I was very surprised with what I found.

This park was created in 1784 by the Dukes of Osuna, one of the most powerful families of that moment. The Duchess was the main driving force of this project. She was one the most intelligent women of the moment and she protected several artists, intellectuals, and bullfighters. She created in the estate an authentic paradise frequently visited by important figures.

After a period of decline, it became a general headquarters of the Central Army, and from that period there is a framework of bunkers along the park (which will be my next objective for the next visit…). In 1999 it was restored and in 2001 it won the “Europa Nostra” certificate.

It has three types of classical gardens: French parterre, English landscape and Italian giardino. I was really fascinated by the maze, the statues and the colourful contrast of the autumn trees, magnified with a redscale film.

From that day on El parque del Capricho has been my favourite location spot and I’m looking forward for the arrival of Spring again to take new pictures.

written by littlekoala on 2011-02-21 #places #park #trees #redscale #autumn #statues #location #travel-destination

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  1. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    Amazing park in the amazing city!
    (y que colores! vaya fotos*)

  2. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·


  3. lola_juanlu
    lola_juanlu ·

    Muy chulas las fotos Leire!!, Tenemos muchas ganas de ir a este parque!!

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