LomoPeople: Lucas

When I was reviewing the pictures I’ve taken in the past year, I was surprised to find that the most photographed subject is a very special tiny person to me, my son Lucas, who is now one year and three months old.

Incredible as it sounds, I must say that my life has turned around 360 degrees: since two years ago, nearing Valentine’s of 2008, my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) came to my workplace to show me a positive pregnancy test, to the joy of that sweet and seemingly endless waiting, and to today, just seeing him sleep peacefully beside me as I write.

Lucas is a lovely child, who is never quiet unless we are traveling or listening to music. He is the diamond child, who changes the whole universe in a minute like a whirlwind, who makes me tremble every time he says “Dad,” who opens the camera and makes sure there is film inside, who poses and smiles perfectly in front of the camera. Who knows, maybe he’s thinking “these cameras will be mine someday.”

written by gatokinetik-o on 2011-06-28 #lifestyle #lomography #analogue-lifestyle
translated by gatokinetik-o

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