Santiago: A Walk Around La Vega Central

Many are worried about bringing their cameras here as it’s not one of Santiago’s best neighborhoods. But it is quite safe, very photogenic, and is also one of the most popular spots in Chile’s capital.

Polaroid a100 / film 690

La Vega is an area in the town of Recoleta in Santiago and is well-known for its fruit and vegetable market, where you can also find foods of any kind and a grand variety of restaurants.

There’s many different reasons to visit this place. Be it to see the explosion of colour and smells, the search for bargains or the reason that I go, to spend time in one of the city’s oldest meeting points and watch people go about their daily business in and amongst the narrow passages.

I recommend that you take at least 400 ISO film because of the scarcity of light inside.

…and don’t be scared to wander and get to know this wonderful place!

written by regina_falangi on 2011-02-20 #places #warehouse #chile #colours #santiago #vegetables #fruit #crowds #location #restaurants #smells #la-vega #personal-story
translated by bensozia

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