Diana Mini en Rose on Must Magazine

Our dear Diana Mini dressed in pink shows herself off in fashion magazines. Here she is in all her glory in Must Magazine!

Must Magazine December 2010

These days we’ve begun seeing a lot of our dear cameras on fashion magazines. On a regular basis, as part of my job, I have to go through magazines looking for our brands. This time around as I was flipping through Must, I came across the pretty Diana Mini en Rose.

The Diana Mini en Rose is described as a vintage camera which produces very quirky photos. It then goes on to describe the addiction provoked by these cameras; the same addiction that each and everyone of us suffers from!

“To to end this month’s whimsical article we’ve included something truly amazing … a camera! What’s cooler? This one in particular is bound to make heads turn! Believe me when I say that she does not go unnoticed; this not only thanks to her design but also thanks to the photos she produces: from vintage to very, very peculiar. She is one to watch! Once you’ve started shooting with one of these babies, things will never be the same again, you’ll become completely addicted! Start from the camera and you’ll be adding all sorts of accessories from technical ones to simply aesthetic ones. I opted for the “Lomography Mini” in pink of course, what did you expect? But there’s something else I need to add to it, where’s my Christmas wish list? "

I think that I’ll also be adding another Lomo camera to my Christmas wish list. I do hope I have behaved well enough this year! :)


written by fafascinado on 2011-02-23 #news #fashion #rose #magazine #diana-mini #must #trends
translated by webo29

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