Not as Easy as a Walk in the Park or is it?


If you are like me, your favorite date spot usually has something to do with a place which is great for taking photos. On our first date I said to this boy of mine that he’ll need to get used to my constant stopping for photos and that he did. We both like walking and love going adventuring in new places so walks in the park are ideal, especially when the weather is nice.

On our first date we went for a walk in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If there ever was a place for a first date with a prettier name I haven’t heard of it yet. I had been there once before a few years ago but in the middle of winter so on our walk at the beginning of spring, the first nice day of the year, it was a nice mild 6 degrees (if you’ve ever experienced Canadian winter you’ll understand that a mild 6 at the beginning of March is nice) and with my pale as pale can be skin I even somehow managed to get sunburnt. We walked to the Edge of the Earth, a piece of graffiti out on some rocks.

Since moving together out to the other London in Ontario we were very pleasantly surprised that our new apartment’s location has lots of green space around it, in spring we could see squirrels everyday playing in the trees outside and there is a big park with a river going through it, which is only about a 5-minute walk away.

Do you have a favorite date spot? Have you had any good adventures in parks lately?

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    love the colours of the leaves in shot 4.......nice!

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