The Costa Brava: Llançà

Costa Brava is an apt name for this stretch of rugged coastline where the Pyrenees sank into the waters of the Mediterranean. Put on your best boots, load your camera, and let’s have a wander. Who knows what we’ll find.

North of Cap de Creus, the westerly most point of the Iberian peninsula is where you’ll find this little tourist village. Its suburbs are not as pretty as those of Cadaqués or Port de la Selva, but its beaches and small bays still attract tourists every summer. The stone beaches blasted by cold northerly winds and vertigo-inducing cliff faces are typical of this area.

I recommend that you come here off-season and that you have a walk along the Caminos de Ronda that follow the coastline. It’s amazing to watch a storm brewing from up on the top of the cliffs, descend old steps to private bays clinging to rusty old railings or to have a peek inside one of the many bunkers that Franco built as a line of defence along the Pyrenees.

Caminos de Ronda

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