Madrid from Above! Going Up?

Madrid is an incredible city to lomograph from top to bottom. What usually happens is that we analogically reproduce reality from our own point of view, that of a pedestrian on foot. But the city is much more than that. For example, all the magnificent views on offer are from all its buildings and parks. A good way to spend a roll of film is to go up to the terrace in the Circulo de Bellas Artes (CBA).

You can achieve some wonderful results from this roof terrace, with a camera, film, imagination and originality.

The CBA was founded in 1880 thanks to the efforts of a small group of artists. In 1921 it was declared “Public Centre for the Protection of Fine Arts”. It’s a centre of many disciplines from visual arts to literature, science to philosophy, cinema to performing arts.

Since its creation it’s developed an important international standing in the fields of creativity and arts administration to become one of the most important, private cultural centres in Europe.

written by miedu on 2011-02-20 #places #art #monument #panoramic #photos #de #location #pictures #lomo #madrid #artes #360 #spinner #bellas #circulo
translated by bensozia

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