Kabinenparty at Wiener Kongressbad, Vienna

Everybody in Germany/Austria probably knows the song “Kabinenparty” (Changing Room Party) by Skero and Joyze Muniz but what not so many people know is the fact that the video clip was shot at the public swimming pool Kongressbad, in Vienna. We went there to see how much of a Kabinenparty is really going on there.

The famous video clip for the song that FM4 radio station listeners elected as Second Favourite Song of the Year 2010 which you can see here was shot at Kongressbad Vienna.

As far as we Vienna-tourists can judge, the Kongressbad is a great place to hang out in with your friends on a hot summer’s day. There is an enormously huge meadow (so even if there are lots of people at Kongressbad, you still have the impression that you still have lots of space), there are several places to get reasonably priced food from, and the pool even has a slide.

Being there kind of threw us back into our deepest childhood memories when our parents took us to the local swimming pool – I can assure you, nothing has changed ’til then, there will still be your favourite ice cream to be purchased and there is still the smell of chlorine in the air (which is a good one, considering the fact that there are so many good childhood memories connected to that smell :) ).

The Fisheye2 pictures we took there are basically imitations of scenes we saw in the Kabinenparty video clip.

You can get to Kongressbad by taking the S45 to Hernals. The address is Julius-Meinl-Gasse 7a, a day ticket is 4,70 Euros.

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