LomoAmigo Pirate Movie Crew - Bjorn Hartweger is about to board the Fisheye

The Pirates have been on the prowl again! Bjorn Hartweger snatched a Fisheye No. 2 and is showing us his best shots from 2010!

NAME: Bjorn Hartweger
AGE: 27
CITY: Kaprun/Malmö
LOMOHOME: bjorn_hartweger

Please introduce yourself.
I’m a mutt! I’m half-Swedish and half-Austrian and I am a professional snowboarder. I love to travel and I can’t stand staying in one place for a very long time. Aside from snowboarding, I also like skateboarding, photography, arts, my friends, and a little bit of surfing from time to time.

When did you become a part of the Pirates Crew?
I’m a member since its first days, I’ve been swinging the banner for the last 10 years already!

What are your personal highlights as a member of the Pirate Movie Crew?
Wow, there’s a lot of stuff to remember, for example the first trip to Kamschatka, Two Puff in Bacuera, the changement to 16mm Film, the first booklets, crazy nights in Tokio for several times, spooky afternoons in Lubedance, Cat Trekking in the Monashies, being a pirate for 7 days at Capraia, getting blinded by the sun at 11.30 pm in Riksgraensen, surfing the waves at the Lofotes, surfing in Mt. Hood, taking the Skidoo from the Bar to the Hotel in Cooke City for 300m, many film premieres and and and…. can’t decide!

Credits: bjorn_hartweger

Analog vs Digital – what, when, and why?
Personally, I think analog is more exciting. You shoot a whole film roll, bring it to the lab, wait for a while and pick it up. That’s when you see your shots the first time! A lot of people say that this is a disadvantage, I’m seeing it as a pleasant anticipation. Whether you got the shot or not! There is no control on your display.
My first analog camera was a Canon AE-1, already the sound was sweet….

How long have you been a lomographer and when did you start?
I received a Fisheye from ludschi and I haven’t given it back until now! So, it’s been with me for a year now.

Which of the ten golden rules is the most important for you?
Nr. 10 – Forget the rules!

What was your biggest Lomo Experience to date?
Every time I receive new pics from the lab it’s always an adventure for me…

Which is your favorite Lomographic Camera?
Until now I only used the Fisheye but that’s really a straight snapshooter. But I’m looking forward to try the Sprocket Rocket and I’m looking forward to share the upcoming pics with you…

What did you think when you heard that you should become a LomoAmigo?
Sweet! :)

Which is your best shot from this project?
I’m not sure if it is really the best, it was a quite unexpected result. When we got out of a bar in Portland there was a black car waiting for us and someone offered us a bucketful of doughnuts. We couldn’t resist and each of us grabbed some of them…. I think I chose the one with Smarties. Then the car disappeared in the night.

Doughnuts for everyone!

Any advise for our fellow lomographers?
Just do it!

… If you want to know more about Bjorn’s role as a Pirate just check out his Pirate Movie Crew profile!

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