Around Leeds in Redscale!

I’ve always been intrigued by redscale film and I knew that the city where I live, Leeds, England and my diana mini were the perfect way to try out my first roll!

I’ve lived in Leeds for four years now but I don’t often walk around the city centre just to take photos – I’m either shopping, with friends or going out for food/drinks. However, this one afternoon I made time for taking photos and enjoying the city where I live and it was so much fun!

These photos were taken mainly around the Leeds Corn Exchange area which is rich in history, combining both the beautiful architecture of the Corn Exchange and the Kirkstall Markets. The sun was shining and the buildings seemed to glow which I think reflects in the photos.

The more time I spend in Leeds, the more I fall in love with it – and I think my cameras are falling for the city too!

written by easilydistracted on 2011-02-19 #places #england #location #leeds #diana-mini #redscale-film #personal-story

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