Valentine Special: Lomography Valentines Couple Interview! Part 3


With Lomography as their common hobby, we bet that these Lomographers enjoy exciting and creative dates! For our third Valentine special installment we introduce you to Lomographers yippeeable and harmo!

User Name: yippeeable
Dating Period: 5 years

What’s his / her favorite I think the camera?
The wife’s favorite camera is the same as mine.

Your favorite camera?
Lomo LC-A+.

How did you two meet?
We met at a Lomography event – we had mutual friends.

Any memorable Lomography moments that happened between you two?
A lot of Lomographers attended our wedding, which had plenty of Lomography decorations and elements!

harlex grow-up video from Alex Yip on Vimeo.

If you were to give a Lomography present to your partner, what would it be and why?
Maybe the Diana Mini Pink. With the Lomo LC-A+ my wife takes the standard 35mm pictures, but she can take half-frame and square format with the Diana Mini!

*If you were to travel together with a Lomography camera, where would you go and why?(
Europe. It would be very fun and I’m sure we’ll take a lot of Lomographs from traveling to beautiful places around Europe!

Finally, a message to all Lomographers!*
I look forward to seeing other Lomographers’ work, so share your Lomographs with everyone, not only online but in special events, too!

Username: harmo
from 2005

What’s his/her favorite camera?
Lomo LC-A

Your favorite camera?
Diana F+ Mini is my favorite,  Horizon, Lubitel – it is particularly suitable for traveling. I love the Lomo LC-A so much. I met people because of this camera.

How did you two meet?
Thanks to the two people I met through Lomography! The first meeting was an event for the Lomo Race Contest. I took pictures of the other Lomographers and there was love at first sight. And then we met again for the second time in another event.

Any memorable Lomographic moment that happened between you two?
*A secret trip to Disneyland for our anniversary. I went to work as usual, then he took me to the Disneyland hotel. I was surprised! The next day we celebrated with Mickey and Minnie Mouse – I cried with joy. So when the pictures came out my eyes and nose were all red.
Later that day, we have our own things [that] call me saharlex. [Sa] is [Sasha] from our dogs, but my [har] from [Harmony], and the last of his [lex] from [a] named Alex!

If you were to give a Lomography present to your partner, what would it be and why?
I gave him a Lomo LC-A+ White Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the Lomo LC-A+, lots of wonderful thoughts and ideas were seen through its lens. Documenting our lives together forever with the LC-A+ White that I gifted him.

If you were to travel together with a Lomography camera, where would you go and why?
Hyde Park in London. Green grass, lying by the pool, and spend the days relaxing while watching the ducks and swans of great beauty. I’ll bring lots of film!

Finally, a message to all Lomographers!
Record your life with Lomography cameras. Your life will be brilliant and more colorful! Love and enjoy the nice things with Lomography and get unexpected results!

written by tame on 2011-02-10 #pink #lifestyle #love #lomography #valentine #lomo-lc-a #analogue-lifestyle

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