Once a Year Date Spot: Punahou Carnival


Have your date ready because once a year the students and community of Punahou School put on a carnival that lasts for just two short nights.

The crowd is thick with couples who come to enjoy a magical carnival. Like all carnivals, there are games with prizes, treats to eat, and rides to make you scream. This is the annual Punahou Carnival that comes to life once a year for only two nights.

The ongoing joke is to be ready for lots of mud. Punahou School gets lots of rain every January to February. So luck was on our side this year. It is the perfect time to take your special someone’s hand and enjoy the night.

The carnival itself is an institution on the island of Oahu and people look forward to it the entire year. It takes place on the first Friday and Saturday of February each year. The proceeds of the carnival is for the benefit of the financial aid program at the school.

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  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    LOTS of mud indeed

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