DIY Flash Diffusers


Here is a really cool and easy tip for making your own flash diffusers for a Colorsplash Flash and Diana Flash.

Here is a really cool and easy tip for making your own flash diffusers for a Colorsplash Flash and Diana Flash.

You know those opaque film cannisters you always have sitting around and don’t know what to do with??? Well here’s a good use…make a quick and easy flash diffuser.

Just make a vertical cut until your scissors hit the bottom of the cannister then carefully cut all the way around the bottom until you have a single sheet of bendy plastic. With the Diana flash your work is now done. Just bend it over the flash and it will hold itself. If you want you can put a thin piece of velcro on each to hold better for extreme conditions but otherwise it should hold pretty sound.

For the colorsplash just cut a quarter inch or so off so it fits a little more evenly. And hey, if you mess up you can always start over without worrying about ruining anything or having to buy anything else. Not a bad deal.

Now you can shoot away. The beauty about a flash diffuser is a softer touch of light for portrait shots. And it works like butter on a roll for those pretty black and white portraits especially. When you want that soft and intimate feeling. But hey, don’t stop there. Why not go crazy and experiment with your color gels and multiple flash shots with long exposures.

Remember this will dull down the effect of your flash so keep it up close and personal for best results.

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  1. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·


  2. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    very simple yet useful tip! love the b&w portrait!

  3. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    really cool, love the softness. I have used a plastic milk carton, but i think the cannister is great as you can knock it up on the go - you dont often carry a milk cartoin round with you do you?

  4. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    i'm definitely gonna try this!

  5. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great tip!!! The B&W portrait is awesome.

  6. kakikamera
    kakikamera ·

    anybody here know on how to repair diana f+ flash? mine dont wanna burst eventhough the redlight is on. hmmm

  7. hanifmaidin
    hanifmaidin ·

    for kakikamera, try to find any kind of electronic battery spring,
    put it in together with your battery. most of the time it just displacement of that spring that disconnect the circuit.

  8. hatetofakeit
    hatetofakeit ·

    this is a great DIY and that chick in your photos has the sweetest belt ive ever seen!!!

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