atreyuthechild Reports on the LC-Wide Launch in London


So after the anxious wait, and all the cryptic clues we’ve finally made it to the end of Lomography’s Crystal Maze. The countdown timer hit zero and this meant only one thing – May 19th is here – NEW CAMERA TIME!!!

I was genuinely sucked in by the build up to this moment, fuelled by all the mystery surrounding this release, so it’s safe to say the anticipation was high. As the home page was loading I saw those bold words slowly load across my screen 'Lomo' LC' 'Wide'

Early predictions from the community had been right (how could you miss that unmistakable black shell?), it was an upgrade to the infamous LC-A, but ‘upgrade’ is an understatement… this is a complete overhaul.

The ‘Wide’ boasts a whole host of new amazing features, from the super wide lens with its huge 103º field of view, to a new closer focal range (you can be as close as 40cm) and the ability to choose from 3 popular formats – standard frame, square or half frame shots. But despite all the upgrades it still holds many of the qualities we know and love from the beloved LC-A .

It seems this camera will be a bit controversial for the brand. Within minutes of the release people were tweeting their opinions, and whilst the majority were good, a few apparent devotees to the original LC-A didn’t seem happy with the changes, onurcagdas says Lomography will “betray the legacy” for profit… However, the cynics have been few and far between and the majority of the community has definitely embraced this new addition to the family.

remindsmeofyou said “Awesome camera, can see it will be hugely popular”
forthedistractd was excited “oh boy…definitely going ot have to save my pennies (and piggies) now”
antybazar had “lomolaunch hysteria”
the new lens left baroncaba awestruck “17mm wide… MIND BLOWN

So with all the online hype all that was left for me to do was to bust out to the Lomo Launch Party in Soho to see what this bad boy was about (keep your eyes peeled for my write up of the evening). I had a play with the ‘Wide’ and for the most part it works just like the LC-A+, so there’s not much difference with the basics. But the change comes with the focus switch. You can’t go wrong when there’s only two options, either ‘closer than 1 meter’ and ‘everything else’. There’s a ‘half frame’ switch which pulls shutters that cover the sides of the lens, which will no doubt come in handy for funky full frame double exposures – there have been some great examples of doubles and overlapping panoramas with this so far. And the picture we’ve all seen of the format switch… I’ve heard that you can switch formats mid-roll but there were frame-masks included with the camera, so I’m not sure how that will work?

For me, I am now totally torn, I was so close to buying the LC-A this week, finally after months of saving, but now this great variant drops and my indecisiveness kicks in… Do I go classic or modern? Standard or wide? I DON’T KNOWWW!!! And for anyone grumbling about the price, just get writing articles, entering rumbles and get creative with your tipsters and piggies will be filling up your Lomo bank in no time – trust me, how do you think I was planning to buy the LC-A?!

To see my analogue shots from the night, have a look at my album

written by atreyuthechild on 2011-05-20 #news #lc-wide-launch-recap-london

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  1. veneta
    veneta ·

    Its a beauty!!
    Im torn as well. Which LC-A should I get.... As much as I want to walk on the wide side, I feel that my first LC-A should be the original. The LC-W is def the next in line. Well, I'm just saving for now, fingers crossed I dont get distracted on the way (again!)...

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