Lund in Southern Sweden – Falling for Fall

You think you know where you live? But what’s behind those trees? What’s behind those buildings? Do you know your city? A short expedition on foot in Lund, Sweden. It is not exactly known as Sweden’s liveliest city but nonetheless there are places that are worth being discovered.

On a lovely late fall afternoon I took my LC-A and started walking. No matter where, as long as I did not know the way, which is essential if you want to see something different and new: Don’t think, just do it. Don’t think, just shoot.

The university town of Lund is surrounded by some sort of loop and considering the insides thereof as the center of the town, my feet took me to the East. Past the supermarket with a dog waiting patiently on a bench, through a little park that was paved with the most colorful leaves, freshly fallen from the trees; I walked and walked until I saw a little hill. Now, hills are not very common in Lund, not even small ones, and I was curious. What’s up there? The hill was obviously (wo-)man-made, it was grass-covered, and not exactly high, which made me go up there. The view from the hill to the West makes a neat Lund skyline and, regarding the city’s size, it provides quite an impressive lookout at night. Looking down eastwards, however, is every child’s dream come true: a huge slide down the hill, about 10 meters long, leading to a nice playground enclosed by numerous trees. A lovely walk in the fall; new spots can be found everywhere. It’s the little things that make life more interesting.

written by u-t-e on 2011-02-17 #places #slide #sweden #light #sun #playground #sunlight #leaves #walk #hill #fall #location #stroll #lund #personal-story

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