Vintage Vegas

My husband and I took a lovely trip to downtown Las Vegas in 2010 and I took shots of a variety of subjects through different cameras and films, mainly preserving our memories of Las Vegas with the now mourned Kodachrome.

Now relocated just off the strip in a quiet pedestrian area known as the Fremont Street Gallery, the neon signs beckoned to me in their ghostly voices. Blinking, staring, and sputtering against the hot dry air. Icons of a gangster heyday long gone, saved from the salvage yards to be given new life. Oh, only to be them when they majestically guarded over the Las Vegas Strip of old! What devilish gangster secrets they had to tell. I was determined to give these beautiful gems a new voice as only a Lomographer can! So armed with my Pentax K1000 I did my best to give them props and present them to you now on Kodachrome 200.

I wasn’t happy with just preserving these beauties however my arsenal of lo-fi equipment followed me to other hot spots in Vegas such as the Fremont Street Experience, the Bettie Page store at Fashion Show Mall, the Palazzo Hotel, inside the Canyon Ranch Spa, a taxi cab ride using the Spinner 360, the Golden Nugget through a Fisheye, and several shots taken with my LC-A+RL and Diana Instant Back.

You must not miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Las Vegas as it was before large corporations took over, and massive hotels dwarfed the more intimate side of Sin City. So grab your favorite drink, put on some Frank Sinatra, and let Luck be your Lady tonight!

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