The Old Depot for Trains in St. Gallen


In the near west of St. Gallen is the old depot for the trains. Next to some gardens there is a little club with great parties, a big street for skateboarders, and other interesting things.

In the west of the main station in St. Gallen is the depot. A place in the city which is often more or less quiet with some exceptions. At first, the trains from the main station drive on one side of the depot and in the night there is a club called “Kugl” where there are always great parties being held.

The hole depot is a nice place to walk through and to see things which aren’t typically for a city. You have a lot of space to walk on the road. On one side there are some little gardens where you can sometimes see some people working or feeding their chickens. On the other, there are the depots in which the trains unload their stuff in the earlier days. The only trains which are now standing there are the ones from the Post. Today is this long house used for other things, for example the “Kugl”.

The “Kugl” is a club in St. Gallen which fits around 400-500 people. In this club you can get more or less everything. Sometimes they show short movies, funk and jazz session, hiphop or rock concerts or electro parties. It’s well known for the great parties and the long nights. On Fridays and Saturdays it closes around 5 or 6 o’clock. The perfect space for wild party animals.

On normal weekdays nothing big happens in this part of the city but it’s still nice too walk through and take some lomos. If you want more information about “Kugl”, go and check their website:

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  1. felipesergio
    felipesergio ·

    How is possible this ice effect?

  2. daforl
    daforl ·

    i've just crossed some slide film. i think it was kodak

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