LomoPeople: Dan

Dan carries his Diana around his neck whilst I follow with a Fisheye 1 on my wrist.

We’ve been for walks along the coast, to feed the ducks, to see the Statue of Liberty, to climb to Eiffel Tower, to meet Mickey Mouse all with our cameras in hand. Inevitably Dan gets in the way a lot, wandering into my shots and casting unwanted shadows. He doesn’t listen to my advice, he is and is a self titled ‘shutter bug’. He also likes short shorts but as every lomogragher knows, these accidents are often serendipitous… And therefore he is a great person to go shooting with.

written by beckyinlondon on 2011-05-22 #lifestyle #summer #diana #fisheye-1 #kent #lomopeople #thanet #dan-kemp

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