A Medieval Market Somewhere in Spain

A medieval market is a typical event that is becoming popular in Spain. Do you want to know a little bit more about it? Keep on reading!

No matter where you are in Spain (but if you are a living in a village), a Medieval Market is something you must be familiar with. In some towns, a market is available during local festivities and in others, as with Orihuela, it is a Fiesta by itself.

Normally, these kind of markets used to be related with the history of the towns, but nowadays are quite popular and there is no reason for not having one in every town at least once per year in spring.

When the market arrives to a village the whole town goes to the “plaza” to buy traditional products and enjoy the party atmosphere. You can find anything from something to eat like organic fruit, cheese or nuts to handmade chocolate and sweets. But also, traditional products as pottery, glass or espadrilles are also for sale.

I took these photos last year in Brunete, Madrid, and it was a nice experience, because I had the feeling that the world hasn’t changed much for the last one thousand years. Everybody still likes to go shopping!

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