A Great Big Finnish Lake


After several trips to Finland with my girlfriend, I have collected a cool selection of photographs. Especially of this lake in the Finnish countryside.

Taken with a range of cameras and films throughout different seasons, I realized that the Finnish land has some quite stunning scenic lakes and forests. Over seventy thousand lakes actually.

The one I have visited the most, is placed in central Finland and runs from Jyvaskyla to Heinola and is huge and has quite a remote location. It is one of the biggest lakes in Scandinavia.

I have swam in it (during the summer), walked across it (in winter), and got stung by mosquitoes by it (during spring). I have always enjoyed it!

written by lukaaus on 2011-02-16 #places #summer #winter #spring #lakes #finland #location #personal-story #heinola #jyvaskyla #assiskala

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  1. biancavdam
    biancavdam ·

    Amazing photo's. :)

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