Old Town Nilai through a Wanderer's Eye

Located about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, a town usually considered as dull and boring can be quite interesting and picturesque, if you are willing to see things “lomographically”.

“Nilai” if directly translated means “value”. This town is not likely to be the place where all the hype is but surely being an analogue enthusiast, you will see things quite differently.

This very small town is filled with Pre-World War II buildings dating as early as 1919. Most of the buildings still have the date of completion engraved on them.

Going through this city, you only need your analogue camera and film. The old buildings and friendly locals will do the rest for you.

I was surprised there was an old photo lab which bears “Agfa film” on its front. I went there in the hopes of the owner having some expired Agfa films. Unfortunately he didn’t have any. But it was still all good because we ended up having a nice little chat about film photography.

The main reason people would come to this town is the KTM train station and the Mydin Superstore. They keep the town beating although at a very slow rate.

I usually pass by this town just to get to the train station which connects to the capital. I think most people who pass by never really appreciate this town for the scenic value it has, I was too, until I was wise enough to wander around it streets.

You can reach this town by means of the KTM train (stop at Nilai station) or by bus (Pekan Nilai).

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