Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct carries the Llangollen Canal as it passes over the wide River Dee Valley between Llangollen and Wrexham in North-East Wales. The aqueduct runs from Trevor, landing at Fontcysyllte on the Southern end. If you happen to be in North-East Wales then it’s definitely worth walking over, or under!

Credits: phil2k90

Parking at Trevor Basin, there is a small visitor centre where the canal forms a T junction – across the water the ‘stem’ disappears under the red-stone arch of a small hump-back road bridge. Through the warmer months there are always canal boats and walkers around. Looking along the tow-path, the canal appears to extend through unbroken landscape, as far as the eye can see. It’s only after walking along the path for a few meters that you realise you’ve been looking over the aqueduct itself – all of 307 meters long and standing 38 meters high on 19 huge stone pillars.

The tow-path is wide enough for one person to walk along comfortably, but you’ll have to stand flat against the railing for someone to pass, and they’ll be uncomfortably close to the canal! The canal however, will only take boats in one direction at a time, and there’s a sheer drop over the side. Whether you’re taking one of the scheduled boat trips over though, or just walking, the views over the Dee Valley are fantastic! Enjoy.

Credits: phil2k90

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  1. spookydirt
    spookydirt ·

    I've walked over this a couple of times, and I always thought how terrifying it must be going over in a boat with that sheer drop on the one side, it's scary enough just walking across the towpath. If I ever go again, am taking camera.

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