Locations in SouthWest England: Exeter's City Centre


Exeter, a city filled with culture and life. The capital of Devon is a must see location if you are in the Southwest of England. Whatever you want to find, from nice cafes and restaurants, ancient buildings and modern architecture, beautiful sights or high street shopping, Exeter surely has something for you!

Going for a walk in Exeter’s city center is like walking through time. No, scratch that, it’s not like walking, it is like jumping back and forth through a collage of random moments in time that form a beautiful mosaic of culture, history and architecture.

Every period of England can be found here, from the Normans and Romans to 21st century architecture, going through the Gothic, Victorian and even surviving the Blitz! The remains of a Norman castle stand proud just a couple of strides away from the High Street. Together with parts of the Roman wall they hide a park from the crowds, a perfect place to go for a picnic, a walk or to enjoy those rare sunny days of autumn and spring.

Heading west on the High Street you will find lots of big brand stores to satisfy your shopping needs. You will also find the Guildhall, a medieval building that has stood there for about 600 years, even if it looks like it is falling to a side. If it happens to be open to visitors, as it is some days; sneak a peek inside and you will be able to admire its great wooden council chamber.

Cross the street and head into the Cathedral yard, a great place to stop and have a cream tea (famous throughout the region!) or coffee in one of the many cafes. Take a break from the big-brand name coffee shops that can be found anywhere and enjoy the home made scones and pastries.
Walking back to the east and almost closing the circle stand the ruins of a building that survived the Blitz, a small memorial with artifacts that were recovered from those days. A few steps more and you reach Princesshay, a very modern shopping centre with more high street shops. Its glass and steel architecture coexists with the old and even the Roman wall in a beautiful mix of cultures and as a proof of a great restoration and revival project.

When I first moved to live in this city I was shocked. At first not because of its beauty and life but because of the huge difference to the other cities I had lived in. Having spent most of my life in big cities, some of them amongst the biggest in the world, this was a very strong change, but one that I soon began to appreciate and enjoy. Now it is my turn to invite you to come and visit Exeter!

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  1. gasord
    gasord ·

    I was there this summer for a course... beautiful city!!! I loved the river!!

  2. aeqnoct
    aeqnoct ·

    Thanks for the likes and the comment!
    First article published and certainly not the last. The river is a great location indeed and I submitted an article about it already, hopefully it will be published sometime next week.

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