Wine Tasting: Let's Drink at 10am!


For my husband and I’s 3 year wedding anniversary we decided to pack up and head on a weekend road trip to Ithaca, New York. The best thing to do in Ithaca besides act like a hippie? Well, that would be to take a tour of as many Finger Lakes wineries as you can.

My husband and I always try to do something a little special for our wedding anniversary because honestly, who WANTS to sit around on the couch on such a special day? It is one of the few times during the year that we have a great excuse to get up, get out, and really enjoy ourselves without worrying about finances, rest of the family, or any of that. So off we went this year to Ithaca, New York for a relaxing weekend of wine tasting and massages! The best part about this whole trip? My husband planned it all on his own which is an amazing accomplishment that I will smile about and remember forever.

We woke up rather early so we could drive the 3 or so hours and get to the wineries just as they were opening. This was my first experience with wine tasting and vineyards and was amazed to find that yes, there is a socially acceptable way to drink early in the morning. If you have never heard of the Finger Lake region in New York, it is revered for its high quality soil and grapes. That means not only did we get to drink at 10am, we tried out 20 or so high-quality wines. I give my husband 100 gold stars for this great idea!

Not only was the wine delicious, but the scenery was fantastic as well. We had a beautiful summer weekend with lots of sun and plenty of heat. There’s very little that can beat a nice New York summer day.

After visiting a good number of wineries, We took a little detour to see a hard cider orchard and sample all the flavors that they had to offer.

We went from having non-stop grapes, to a much-needed change mid-day. My favorite being a hard cider laced with cherries.

I also met this cat at the orchard. I envy his life.

After a day full of different flavors of grapes and apples, and a trunk full of bottles from our stops, it was time to wind down and head to our hotel. Good thing too, I’m a big fan of my liver and hope to use it for many years.

The fun didn’t stop there. We stayed at a hotel called La Torelle and I highly recommend it to everyone.

This hotel was like a luxurious fairy tale. A fairy tail in which my husband and I had scheduled massages too! I have yet to meet someone who would say no to this kind of pampering. So between all of the wine and the spa, we both fell into the soothing overstuffed feather bed with smiles on our faces. I’m usually a pretty rough and tumble girl, but I’ll never turn down another trip like that (hint to husband!).

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    yeah! great anniversary!

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    yeah! great anniversary!

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