Puerto Madryn, Argentina


Puerto Madryn is a must visit in Argentina. It only has about the most beautiful landscapes in the Argentinian Patagonia. Atlantic coast, whales, beach and peace. Could a lomographer ask for more? I invite you all to pay a visit to this beautiful corner of the world.

Credits: mariaratfingers

First things first: since Lomography.com is an international site and most people aren’t very familiar with South America, I’ll tell you where Puerto Madryn is. It is located in the Península Valdés in the province of Chubut, in Argentina. Península Valdés has a lot of wonderful places to visit, where nature can be best appreciated (and photographed!). Penguins, dolphins, seals and lots of different species of birds are just some examples of creatures you can come across with when touring around the area, depending on the time of the year.

But the most appealing thing about Puerto Madryn is that it offers the unique opportunity of being in the presence of the astonishing right whale. I have been coming to Puerto Madryn for summer holidays for years now, but last year I came for the first time during the whale season. Whales come to mate and give birth to their cubs to Península Valdés during the period comprehended between May and the first weeks of December. Believe me, it is one of the most amazing things I have experienced. There are plenty of boat trips you can hire to see the whales in open sea, or you can just sit on the shore or go to the pier and try to spot some. I was lucky enough to catch a young albino whale on film!

Credits: mariaratfingers

Winter in Puerto Madryn gives this exceptional opportunity but, of course, the weather down here can be pretty hostile. So for those of you who are not too fond of scarves and mittens, Puerto Madryn has a beautiful beach (which is there all year long!) but is perfect for summer vacations. Here are some pictures of people in the beach on January:

Credits: mariaratfingers

So whether you’re the one to go offer your skin to the sun and sand or a nature-lover waiting to meet face to face with the immensity of one of the world’s largest mammals, Puerto Madryn is the place to go. Start packing cameras!

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