Prague - From Grey to Yellow


One thing that I am sure in life is that Prague looks amazingly beautiful in photos, whether it is a B&W photo, a yellowish photo or a full color photo. That means: choose whatever film you want and Prague will give you great images.

I used RedScale films for the first time while staying for some days in Prague. I wasn’t sure how to work that, so I just picked different settings throughout the day. So, until getting the film developed, I was filled with expectation, as the results were unpredictable for me. But, luckily, I was very pleased with them.

After playing with RedScale, I went on a safer game and used Kodak 200 and FujiColor 100 (the only films I found in stores there). Again, the city gave me great shots.

And just to prove that no matter what film you use, Prague will always looks good, my mom got this nice picture with the Rollei B&W Single-Use camera I gave her:

Whatever it is you got on your camera, Prague will work it!

written by anarollemberg on 2011-02-14 #places #castle #redscale #colous #location #prague #travel-destination #rollei-b-w


  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    lomographer was here!

  2. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Wonderful town ... Great article !!
    Have you seen this one?

  3. anarollemberg
    anarollemberg ·

    @jaalvarez From looking at our photos, it looks like we've been to totally different sides of the city, doesn't it? I love the colors on your shots.

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