Mathew Street Festival: Come Together


Liverpool says it’s UK’s most musical city and who can argue with them since it is the home of one of the greatest free festivals in Europe. Once a year Liverpool turns into one big party during the Mathew Street festival that attracts up to 300,000 visitors! Simultaneously you can also enjoy the Liverpool fringe and Beatles festival. In other words, enjoy some action and culture packed days!

I stumbled upon the Mathew Street Festival by accident two years ago. Me and a friend planned a shopping weekend in the summer and decided to go somewhere else than the regular UK options like London. So we were off to Liverpool. Upon arrival, we immediately discovered that there was something else going on this weekend. Needless to say our weekend turned out a little different from what we expected. So much better!

Mathew Street Festival is held annually in August. During the weekend you can enjoy performances from the best cover bands from all over the world on the six outdoor stages and more than 40 indoor venues.

Apart from the obvious Beatles cover bands you can also find cover bands of more modern groups, all with names even better than the original groups; Antarctic Monkeys, Amy Housewife, Kins of Leon & the Fillers to name a few.

To close off, here are some personal tips:

  1. Check out The Cheatles playing in PanAm on Albert Dock. They are great and a bit more away from the crowds. You can also grab lunch or diner while your there.
  2. When going to see the biggest performances on Tunnel Stage, come early, and try to get a place in the park of the statues. This will give you a good view on the stage and all the people below.
  3. Bring your own! Picnic and Party!

Hope to see you there this year!

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    jaalvarez ·

    Great location !!
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    love it!

  3. achocolatemoose
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    Thank you!

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