Ophiussa (land of snakes), is what the Greeks called Formentera, a magical island in the Mediterranean and one of my favourite destinations.

It was love at first sight during my first visit ten years ago. I was smitten. After spending a few days there, I began to notice a strange energy that seemed to emanate from the very ground. Something I’d never felt in any other place. Now every time I return, I always have that same feeling of happiness, strength and inner peace. I recently discovered that Formentera has telluric properties. The truly intense energy that is felt in this region is the reason why the Visigoths and other cultures decided to settle here. They believed the location to have magical powers.

I recommend going without a car on your first visit. The island is very small and it’s uncomfortable to drive around. Even though most tourists usually prefer mopeds, the best thing to do is to rent a bike, preferable with a basket to carry your things. You won’t have to cycle very far (the island’s 22km long), there are no steep climbs, no pollution and you can take in every inch of the beautiful landscape. It’s also cheaper.

I’d like to reel off a list of all the great places on the island, but that’s what guidebooks and the Internet are for. But I will recommend some of my favourites. Formentera is famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters that combine an amazing array of different blues. I usually go to Ses Illetes, Levants, Playa Tiburón and Cala Saona. Of all the beaches, these are my favourites, although the last one is usually quite busy.

The sunsets in Formentera are sacred. You can enjoy them in Big Sur, where the crowds gather every afternoon.

I could go on and on telling you about every place to visit in Formentera, but I think it’s just best that you see it for yourself.

written by escudero on 2011-02-13 #places #locations #location #island-holidays-beach-relax-travel-destination
translated by bensozia


  1. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    what a great gallery !

  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    Formentera is just as you describe! My brother brought me there some years ago as he lives in Ibiza. We rented a moped, driving was pleasant and we felt that energy you mentioned!

  3. zakguy
    zakguy ·

    Beautiful pictures, great write up, you've sold me on it.

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