Lomography the Roleplaying Game!


Need a Lomo Mission? Want to have fun alone or in groups? Come play Rav_Bunneh’s exciting Lomography the Roleplaying Game!

Before we start the game there are just a few things you will need. The first is a camera and film. Next is a 10 sided dice. Ten sided dice can be found in book stores, gaming stores, online or anyplace roleplaying games are sold. Also, if you want to keep track of all your rolls and photos you will want a pencil and paper to record your camera frame number and your rolls.

When you are ready to play all you need to roll your 10 sided dice. This roll is for your Point of Desire! Use the table below to match what you rolled with the desire of your first photograph. Example: You rolled a 3 so you’ll want to photograph some type of plant or plant themed item.

Point of Desire!
1 – Weather
2 – Urban
3 – Plant
4 – Animal
5 – Person
6 – Sky
7 – Time / Bulb
8 – Ground
9 – Object
0 – Self

Next you want to roll once or twice for the Golden Rule to Follow. If you are new to the game just roll once. If you are playing the advanced game just roll twice. Example: You rolled a 4 so you will be shooting from the hip.

Golden Rule to Follow
1 – Anywhere
2 – Anytime
3 – Part of your life
4 – From Hip
5 – Be Close
6 – Don’t Think
7 – Be Fast
8 – Don’t Worry (Before)
9 – Don’t Worry (After)
0 – No Rules

Combine your rolls and this creates your first Lomo Mission! Let’s use the example rolls from above; 3 and 4. This means you want to stop and photograph something plant related from the hip. If you are playing the advanced game you roll twice for the rules. An example might be 3,4,7 — The object of your desire would be a plant and you’ll be shooting from the hip and being fast.

If you are playing as a group one person will make all the rolls for the first Lomo Mission. Everyone will use their camera and shoot that mission. Then you pass the dice to the next person. The will roll for desire and rules and then everyone will shoot that mission. The game will progress until you have used up your rolls of film.

Develop your film and have a look! If you wrote down a log of all the Lomo Missions you can now see how you did. If you were playing as a group you can all decide who won each roll and even who was the over all Lomo Mission Master. Who won is very subjective and, in fact, everyone is a winner. However, we will all have our personal favorite shots that we took and that our friends took.

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written by rav_bunneh on 2011-03-04 #lifestyle #game-party-dice-roleplaying-fun-lomomission


  1. kribbzor
    kribbzor ·

    Im gonna play this tomorrow
    It will be awesome.
    Thanx rav_bunneh for this game ;D

  2. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Ha, I'm going to make the guys at work all take a Nikon FT a roll of film and teach them how to use a manual SLR for lunch tomorrow!

  3. ceduxi0n
    ceduxi0n ·

    Well, I *do* have access to 10-sided dice... This is going to be epic.

  4. toucansam23
    toucansam23 ·

    Hells yeah!

  5. martymcdie
    martymcdie ·

    just spotted this from wiki entry!

    cannot wait to play this... might even be able to convince some non lomo's to borrow cams from mine and my girlfriends stash and play along!

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