Ramsgate, It's a Date!

The perfect place to share a refreshing ice cream or a warming hot chocolate is by the harbour, on the beach, or up the cobbled high street.

Sometimes it can be hard to find something to do in Thanet, but it is always a good time to take out our cameras and see what we can shoot. My favourite place to pass the time together is Ramsgate, I like to see what the sea has washed up, the various boats docked in the harbour and venture up the cobbled high street, where you’ll find a red brick sofa and arm chair.

Access to the private boats is restricted to owners of such boats; however you can sometimes get access to the board walks where the fishing boats are docked. That is, if you don’t mind the smell and potential seagull attacks.

More easily reached are the storage areas of nets, anchors, and crates. Many of these are embossed with seaweed and rust. Take a stroll around the Maritime Museum together.

Lining the harbour area are various bars and restaurants. Note Miles’ for a huge hot chocolate on a cold day or Pelosi’s for sharing ice creams on a hot one.

If you head towards the ferries and the Port of Ramsgate along Military Road you’ll end up at Western Undercliff where there is a great beach.

Mind you don’t get splashed!

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