A Lomography Love Story


How two Lomographers found friendship and love through a photo…

First contact

Shirley: I had a LomoHome long before I bought my LC-A and in the beginning there were hardly any Scottish Lomographers registered. One by one more people in Scotland signed up and I would browse through the photos with excitement. I came across a shot of two police officers walking up a hill with their hands behind their backs and left a message in Andrew’s guestbook. We rarely got in touch, until I moved back home, to Ayrshire, then we were messaging each other almost every day. We decided to meet and the last message I received before the day arrived was ‘Please don’t call me ‘dusted’, my name is Andrew’. It made me laugh!

Andrew: One day I logged into my LomoHome to find that someone had left me a comment. It was a girl who was based on the Isle of Arran. It was quite exciting as there weren’t many LomoHomes from people in Scotland. We left each other lots of comments and it was great to have someone to talk to about Lomography. I still didn’t know a great deal and Shirley knew loads more about it than me. We both graduated from University at the same time and she moved back home. I suggested we meet up as she said she didn’t know a lot of people in Glasgow any more.

The (non) date

Shirley: I confess. When I first met him I immediately thought he was a geek! He was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I love my computer’, he had a Holga around his neck and was carrying a bag of records. But as we got chatting I immediately felt guilty of judging a book by its cover. He was interesting, we liked a lot of the same things and I began to think that I must be a geek too, at least at heart!

Andrew: We met outside a Fopp record shop on Byres road. The weather was beautiful and I had brought a photo album to show her some shots – so we went to Kelvingrove Park to have a flick through the photos and to talk. I thought she was a bit quiet and shy, but soon enough we were talking loads. We chatted for a while and walked into town for a hot chocolate. We talked about Lomography, music and University. I always remember the shoes she had on, they were really cool. They were knitted and green.

Getting together

Shirley: We met again at a Broadcast gig and steadily became good friends. At one point I’d borrowed his LC-A when mine was broken and unfortunately I lost it. I was so upset when I told him, but he was calm and understanding. In the end it was returned to me, which was a relief. It made me realize how close we had become.

Andrew: It wasn’t long before Shirley moved to Glasgow and we were hanging out lots. A year or so later we started to date each other. It was great that we had already built up a friendship before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Our first holiday together was a trip to Vienna, which was very special to us both.

And now…

It’s almost 4 years since we got together. Lomography is a big part of our lives, and without it, life would be very different for both of us.

by shurly and dusted

written by shurly on 2011-02-09 #lifestyle #story #love #lomography #valentines #analogue-lifestyle #shurly #dusted


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Sweet love story... <:))

  2. coca
    coca ·

    nice story ♥

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    awesomesther ·

    awww! lovely :D

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    Pure dead brilliant!

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  8. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    lovely story! :)

  9. raechris6
    raechris6 ·

    There's plenty of us Scottish lomographers now! I love Arran by the way, go there every year!

  10. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    That's so cute :)

  11. shurly
    shurly ·

    Thanks guys!
    Yeah there are tons of us in Scotland now, someone should start an embassy :)

  12. dusted
    dusted ·

    Aye, I think back then there were maybe about 10 of us in total.

  13. raechris6
    raechris6 ·

    I'd love to start an embassy, but Lomo wouldn't go for it. They'd want someone internal to be their Scottish Abassador! :(

  14. odjur
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    Ahw that's such a sweet story!

  15. lucide
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    what a lovely story! so sweet :)

  16. geegraphy
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    Aww! This is so sweet! :D Thanks for sharing your story with us! :)

  17. shurly
    shurly ·

    Oh and by the way, we got married last year :)

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