London's Speakers Corner

Lomography: the art of expression, freedom and liberalism. Where better to counteract this photographic medium than at London’s Speakers Corner – a bastion of British free public speech and assembly?

Credits: willyboy

Nestled every Sunday in a tiny corner of London’s gargantuan Hyde Park, people of all ages, religions and nationalities converge for a healthy debate and discussion. Step ladders, boxes, and feet set the stage for the several orators who entertain the crowd with their views on religion, politics, love, and even the anatomical shortcomings of manhood! Perfect Lomo hunting grounds for those grainy black and white portrait shots of the impassioned masses. With a bit of framing practice with the Diana F+ Wide Angle lens you can do a lot better than me also!

Credits: willyboy

Speakers Corner, the venue in question, has a long and vibrant history. Located on the corner of Park Lane and Cumberland Gate, opposite Marble Arch tube, it’s just a short walk from Oxford Street. Some of history’s most significant figures have stood on this spot at some time or another. Karl Marx, Lenin, George Orwell and William Morris to name a few.

Of course the stage is open for you too so why not grab a mate and get them snapping shots as you discuss the merits of using the Diana F+ with the crowds? Thanks to the 1872 Royal Parks and Garden’s Act anyone can speak. Feel free to heckle too!

It’s not just speakers who add flavour to this spot either. Any given Sunday you can see eccentric Penny Farthing cyclists, rollerskating conga lines or even cute little dogs listening in on talks about Socialism. Street theatre here is at its finest and far more real than the moving statues of Covent Garden!

Credits: willyboy

So if it’s an unusual day out in London you’re after, and one full of interesting street and portrait shots, you could do a lot worse than a few hours down at Speakers Corner.

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