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You may know him already from his reviews about the Lomography Spinner 360˚ or the DigitaLIZA. But for those who don’t, Michel Jones a.k.a Mijonju is the camera whizz-kid behind “The Mijonju Show”, a Youtube channel showcasing all the best and latest in analogue photography. Recently, Mijonju talked on his show about the newest family member of the Lomography family, the Sprocket Rocket! Here’s what he had to say:

We took the chance to talk with Mijonju about the camera and ask him a few questions about it.

Mijonju, you are the boy who loves cameras like a fat boy likes chocolate. So tell us do you also love the Lomography Sprocket Rocket and why?

Well I definitely love all cameras and the Sprocket Rocket is one of them. This camera has a hidden beauty that not many people understand, well at least they try not to understand.

I got a comment on my blog that said “Nah, I’ll just stick a roll of 35mm film into my Holga”. I didn’t even bother to reply to him. I guess I’ll reply to him here on Lomography. I hope he doesn’t get offended. He has no knowledge or maybe just a little knowledge about photography, I guess. I’m not saying I have a lot of knowledge about photography, but if I don’t know, I’d ask. And the question would look something like this, “How can the Sprocket Rocket be compared to the 35mm on a Holga?” Then the answer would be:

The Holga has a 60mm lens, so even if the photo on the 35mm film (including sprocket) looks Panoramic it will only do so because of the framing. It is definitely not WIDE at ALL. The lens on the Sprocket Rocket is 30mm plus there is a Viewfinder on the camera that gives you a rough idea of what you are shooting – Try that with your Holga, you can cover the extra space and crop your finder on the Holga, but it’s still not wide. The Sprocket Rocket can let you get as close as 0.6m (as I mentioned in my video). With your Holga you can’t turn back time on the old frames that you want to reshoot. The Holga will only let you go 1 way. Also the Sprocket Rocket looks kick ass when you bring it out, the handling on the edge gives a nice grip.

Some of you would probably say: “Ha so it’s for the looks?” Well I say yes!

If you feel good with what you have in hand, then you feel good when you shoot with the camera – And it’s because you feel good about it that you do it.

The following words are from Nobuyoshi Araki:

“If you want to change your photographs, you need to change cameras. Changing cameras means that your photographs will change. A really good camera has something I suppose you might describe as its own distinctive aura.”

Have you ever seen a camera where you can make multiple exposures on any frame at will? Plus its Wide angle on a full frame film (including sprockets).

If you don’t like it or don’t want to try any of the above, then don’t get it. It’s not a must. I like it so I got it :)

At the launch of the Sprocket Rocket you were in the Gallery Store in Soul Korea. How was the party and what was the first thing that came to your mind as you saw the Sprocket Rocket?

I was surprised how my friend’s Falcon miniature camera got into that brief case LOL! I actually knew about the camera before it came out. I was just waiting to touch it, I really like the edge, and even though it looks like the Falcon Miniature, it’s totally more innovative then the falcon.

The Vintage beauty on the Outside and the innovative inside.

I saw on your Lomohome, Tumblr , Flickr and in your Video that you already shot some Pictures with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket, which by the way are pretty good. Do you have any tips and tricks which you couldn’t mention in your Video but want to share with us?

Yes, it’s wide angle, so start looking for crowds, queues or something that is really long, or you can do the contrary, which means, you can use it anywhere and it will make it look interesting.

I would also say that the Diana flash looks pretty good on the Sprocket Rocket and the flash seems to be good for close up with friends, since the aperture is pretty small (f10+)

Oh and bring a little notebook, write down what you have on frames, in case you find something to double expose with it, it would be great to go back to that frame and reshoot.

Thank you for your time and the interview Mijonju!

Check out Mijonju's Youtube channel here

Visit the Lomography Sprocket Rocket Microsite here

Buy the Lomography Sprocket Rocket here

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  1. fed
    fed ·

    Regarding 35mm in a Holga, while it´s true it has a 60mm lens compared to the 30mm the Rocket Sprocket has you can always add the 0.5X Wide Lens to you Holga to get similar focal lengths. I place a thin line of black tape in the middle of the Holga´s viewfinder to use to compose and have not had any problems yet. I´ve been doing this before the Rocket Sprocket appeared. From what I´ve seen, the results are fairly similar.
    Looking at it in a different way, with a Holga you have the option of shooting "full frame", as in 120 film whereas the Rocket Sprocket just 35mm. For closeups the Holga has close-up filters that can get you as close as 0.3m distance. Plus, in panoramic mode I can also attach the 2.5X Tele lens as well.
    Both cameras are unique in their own right but I find the Holga to be more versatile and a lot cheaper where I live. I might still get one when I find the right price for it.

  2. mijonju
    mijonju ·

    I dont disagree with you, wish you have a lot of fun with it :) Im gonna hang that cool sprocket rocket on my shoulder. when I go out with my friends when I go on a photo walk tomorrow :)

  3. mijonju
    mijonju ·

    I dont disagree with you, wish you have a lot of fun with it :) Im gonna hang that cool sprocket rocket on my shoulder. when I go out with my friends when I go on a photo walk tomorrow :)

  4. woosang
    woosang ·

    I have not had much success whith the sproket ao much so that I would rather carry the spinner. I shall have to take it with me and keep trying. :-) in the desert at the moment so a perfect subject thanks for the article

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