SEDOV, A Classic from Murmansk (Russia)

“The biggest clipper constructed in the 20th Century”. With these resounding words appears one of the most elegant sailing ships that had furrowed the Ría de Vigo.

Its origins are in Germany, in the Krupp Germaniawerft shipyard, in Kiel (north of Germany), this elegant ship was constructed and was first called, MAGDALENE VINNEN. It was initially intended to transport nitrate from Chile.

In 1921 this enormous corvette of four sticks was dumped. Its length measured at 117,50 meters, 14,66 meters of sleeve. This boat was capable of displacing 7.356 tons.

In 1936, it became a property of Norddeutscher Lloyd of Bremerhaven, who conditioned it to become a training ship. Then, they change its name to KOMMODORE JOHNSEN.

The years passed and during the Second World War, it sailed only sailed along the Baltic Sea and also only during the summer.

December 20, 1945 is dedicated to the Soviet Union, to be part of the Baltic Soviet fleet was like a reward for war damages. The ship now has a new name: SEDOV, in homage to the Russian explorer Georgij J. Sedov (1877-1914), who was part of the conquest of the North Pole in 1912, and died during the attempt.

From 1986, it began taking part in ditches of big sailing ships. Precisely the opportunity that I have to take these photos during one of its passages back in November 2001, when it stayed for a few days in Ría de Vigo.

It has also been seen in some movies, “representing” the role of other big sailing ships, today which are already missing.

From 1991 its base port has been Murmansk in the Barents Sea. At the same time, it was transferred to the Technical State University from Murmansk.

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