A Night Out with Diana in Berlin!

The lovely Diana F+ captured our Berlin holiday like no other! After finding her patiently waiting for us on the shelf in a small shop in Amsterdam, she instantly became our new best friend! We pointed her all over the place but had the most fun with her when we took her out on the town in Berlin!

I found my Diana F+ in a little shop in Amsterdam while me an my girlfriend were on holiday and could not stop shooting. It was around the time of the football world cup and every night we went out and about with Diana’s flash bursting with excitement as we had one of the best holidays ever.

My girly’s sister and boyfriend had been working in Berlin for the past couple of years and introduced us to a heap of amazing people who we hung out with and had endless amounts of fun! It was great to have people in the know show us all the super cool bars and beer gardens Berlin has to offer. The Berlin locals were awesome and made us feel at home wherever we went! It probably helped that we were supporting Germany in football after the Aussies were eliminated!

Thanks Berlin! And thanks for the awesome Lomography store where I bought other amazing goodies!


written by chesty on 2011-02-12 #places #party #fun #summer #drinking #football #berlin #location #travel-destination

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